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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas Day in the Queen City

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  1. Sometimes you don't need a Sanctuary

    Carmen was with her cousins for the day, and I was left to wander Charlotte, again. Never a bad thing for me because there is always something to see, someone to meet and talk to, especially on Christmas Day, when a lot of people think that everyone is with family.

    I chose to go downtown, thinking that maybe one of the sanctuaries was open: It's been a few weeks since I've been to church, and I thought a quiet place to pray might help.

    I parked my car near Discovery Place and started walking toward town because I knew that was the direction of the Episcopal Church. On my way up the street, I noticed the Dunhill. Flood of memories from my ex-husband filled me; and not bad ones, so that was a gift. Then I looked to my right and saw a bush full of beautiful fushia camillas in bloom--in December. Another gift.

    Walking up the street, I spotted Santa at the bus stop. He was beautiful, and I couldn't stop smiling. I almost couldn't wait for the crosswalk light to turn. I asked him for his picture, and he happily agreed. What a wonderful sighting on this day; though I know in my heart, this guy was not going to have it so great tonight. I sent up whatever little offering in thought and prayer for him and his friends gathered in the shelter of the bus stop. But, really, what are my thoughts and words? A lesson and a gift.

    I kept walking on past Spirit Square, when a guy runs by me, asking me to take a picture of him. Gladly. He's funny. Wants to know where I'm from. When I tell him I live in Boone now, he wonders why? Me too, sometimes. Me too. Really, this guy has more spirit than most shows that go on in that building. The world is too little for him.

    Reflective glass is really fun. Anyone who has lived in Charlotte or known Charlotte for a long time, knows the pinkish gold reflective building on Independence Blvd. Well, this window was a little like that. Then I saw the butterfly and realized it was there just so people could take pictures. Since no one was out, I could do these things--another gift.

    Oh, did I mention I got to the church? It is a gorgeous church, but it does not give the impression that it welcomes people into it's sanctuary for prayer, which, I guess, is understandable. I remember five years or so ago, things being stolen out of the Catholic church down the street. So I took pictures outside.

    Walking back to the car I saw two signs: One said "Roof Access" the other "Evacuation Route." Choosing between the two, I decided I would rather have a better vantage point than escape the whole thing. That's saying a lot for me. That was a lesson, a gift, and an unspoken sermon from Santa all rolled up into one.