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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Video Book Reviews

'Freedom' video book review with Ron Charles

Why ever do a diorama again? I understand we all have a lot of shoe boxes lying around just waiting for a project, but that's not an excuse. Above is a perfect example of where book video reviews can go: Ron Charles of the Washington Post.
I don't expect that 1st graders will be this erudite or sophisticated. but I suspect that they will be even more creative. I also image that creating a space for video book reviews, such as a place on your edmodo site, will allow K-12 students to share reading interests much the way reviews do. The literacy practices involved in creating a video review are manifold--reading, writing, speaking, collaboration, revision, editing. Don't worry about not meeting your SCOS. Do a task analysis of this activity and then go through and match them to what your students are actually doing and you'll be blown away at what they are accomplishing. Many of them will have no idea they are accomplishing any of the standards because they are having so much fun.
I also envision excitement and possibility in the use and creation of digital book talks like those at from the University of Florida.
Again, this is another way to engage students in digital composition that may motivate them beyond their recognition that they are working and learning.
You can put away the diorama. I promised Dr. Hipple (RIP) almost 20 years ago that I'd never assign one. I haven't. I'm not asking you to promise that; just asking you to try something else instead.

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